Trojan Dining Table in Yellowwood

My passion and love of natural, aged timber and its unique character and unpredictability, is a great source of my artistic inspiration. I  endeavor to design solid timber furniture in a way which celebrates its raw origin and reveals its authentic beauty in form and finish.

Europa Sideboard in Natural French Oak


Our approach is expressed in each of our furniture designs. Tradition, craftsmanship, and a love of solid wood – raw, polished, aged or indigenous – combine to shape our signature pieces. For three decades our skilled artisans have brought these designs to life to compose our collection of hand-crafted, iconic furniture.

Lansdowne Dining Table in local oak with bow detail
Detailing of Lansdowne Dining Table
Sandton chairs in Mahogany french polish


Our collection is informed by a rich and varied heritage, and a well-proportioned aesthetic. Inspired by the designs of the Cape Dutch Settlers and French Huguenots, and drawing on Shaker-style simplicity, these traditions are reworked into unique, iconic pieces – some classic, some contemporary, but always showcasing the raw beauty of timber.  Our range has grown to encompass elegant, solid wood flooring and architectural fittings – custom-made with the distinction of quality to suit the most refined tastes.

Splat chair in blackwash French Oak
King Dining Table in blackwash French Oak
Detailing of King Dining Table


Central to our philosophy is a commitment to craftsmanship – handcrafted, intensive work marked by quality and distinction. This belief relies on our artisans being dedicated not only to their materials and workmanship, but also in continuing a tradition which began over three decades ago.   As such, many of the 140 craftsmen at Pierre Cronje’s workshop are apprenticed by master artisans.

Ovalback armchair with custom yellowwood coffee table
Detailing of custom yellowwood coffee table


Our bespoke furniture and fittings celebrate the unique: reflecting individual style, while showcasing the singular character of timber. For truly exclusive pieces, our design teams avail themselves to work with our clients in developing pieces which exhibit the benchmark of hand-crafted quality.

Parsons Desk in French Oak with Karoo Chair
Detailing of Parsons Desk
Parsons desk with drawers in French Oak

Clients often want perfection, but art cannot be perfect and perfection isn’t art. Between the two there is a place of natural beauty.

Sandton chair with Forest round table in French Oak


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