Solid wood dining table in contemporary design

I am inspired by the Symbiotic Wisdom of Wood and Mankind. Furniture Design is the transformative process that guides and shapes wood towards revealing its final purpose.”

Contemporary solid wood furniture by Pierre Cronje
Solid wood Europa sideboard in french oak made by Pierre Cronje


At Pierre Cronje we set the benchmark in hand-crafted quality solid wood furniture and well-proportioned aesthetic design. Our approach is expressed in each of our furniture designs and by combining tradition, craftsmanship and a love of solid wood – raw, polished, aged or indigenous – we are able to shape our signature pieces.



Over three decades ago, Pierre Cronje launched a local business specializing in furniture restoration and fine reproduction pieces in the classic English style. Being a master craftsman, Pierre established a reputation for his innovative vision which led to a growing demand for high quality, custom designed and hand-crafted solid wood furniture.  Pierre’s ability to incorporate South African heritage in new designs to fit a contemporary lifestyle, saw the business expanding both locally and internationally. Today, Pierre Cronje is widely recognized as being synonymous with high quality craftsmanship and design excellence.




The dedication to craftsmanship – hand-made, escalated work set apart by quality – is integral to the Pierre Cronje philosophy. It relies on our artisans being dedicated to their materials and workmanship and continuing the Pierre Cronje tradition.  As such, many of the 140 craftsmen at Pierre Cronje’s workshop in Cape Town are apprenticed by master artisans.




Our commitment to never compromise the high standards and fine quality of our work, our design and the attention to detail, is core to our value proposition.  All our solid wood furniture are locally manufactured in Cape Town and displayed in elegant showrooms across South Africa. Our bespoke design offer clients the opportunity of full custom work and the ability to collaborate and work with our design teams in developing their unique solid wood investment pieces.  All Pierre Cronje pieces carry a lifetime quality and structural guarantee and as such, we offer a unique trade-in service for items that carry the original Pierre Cronje-imprinted signature and serial number.


For more information on our company, please contact us or visit your nearest showroom, where our professional sales and project consultants will take you through the process in acquiring a Pierre Cronje original.

Taller back chair made by Pierre Cronje
Solid wood Houghton dining table made by Pierre Cronje
Detail of solid wood Houghton dining table
Elegant solid wood Sandton chairs by Pierre Cronje


My passion and love of natural, aged timber and its unique character and unpredictability, is a great source of my artistic inspiration. I  endeavor to design solid timber furniture in a way which celebrates its raw origin and reveals its authentic beauty in form and finish. – PIERRE CRONJE



Pierre Cronje has indentured more budding craftsmen than the rest of the Western Cape furniture industry combined.  Aspiring artisans with requisite background skills in joinery, are each apprenticed to a master artisan who oversees the honing of their skills. A two-year learnership, including viable in-house learning at our factory in Cape Town, combined with professional aptitudes improvement at various educational institutes, finishes in the honouring of an industry-perceived endorsement after fruitful three-level capacity testing.




The integrity of our design, together with the construction and the use of only solid timbers are the distinguishing characteristics of  all Pierre Cronje furniture.  The hand-crafted furniture production process is labour-intensive and takes time, and although we have a large, highly skilled and well-equipped factory, we have undertaken to never compromise on standards or revert to mass production.




At Pierre Cronje we transform and reveal new beauty in form and finish, sourcing entire trees from sustainable forests.  Mature wood is a rare natural resource and no two trees are identical. Each is unique in its splendour, showcasing its individual journey.  We lean towards extreme cuts and the interpretation of a design is decided upon by the stature and wane of the tree. Many of our bespoke French Oak, Yellowwood, Mahogany, American Walnut and European Ash pieces display the untrimmed outer contour of the tree, simply to celebrate its raw origin.


Solid wood heritage furniture by Pierre Cronje
Splat chair in blackwash French Oak
King Dining Table in blackwash French Oak
Detailing of King Dining Table


Our collection of furniture, solid wood flooring designs and custom architectural fittings are all informed by a rich and varied heritage and well-proportioned aesthetics. We are broadly known and very much regarded for our contemporary and heritage, iconic solid wood furniture and have, on solicitation of our customers, extended our offering to incorporate rich, solid wood flooring and architectural fittings.



Inspired by the designs of the Cape Dutch Settlers and French Huguenots, and drawing on Shaker-style simplicity, we revise these traditions into unique, iconic furniture pieces as per our heritage range.


On the opposite side of the spectrum sits our contemporary furniture which borrows elements from all styles and eras, making it truly iconic. Bespoke tables with a combination of timber and handmade polished stainless steel and/or glass bases reflects our design versatility.  The end product is often a breathtaking piece of art.


Both our contemporary and heritage furniture celebrate the unique; reflecting individual style and showcasing the singular character of wood.  Our portfolio of custom indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as our association with top international acclaimed  designers, are testament to our exclusive quality and interpretation of individual tastes and desires.




Pierre Cronje solid wood flooring and fittings are uniquely crafted with the qualification of value to suit the most refined tastes.  Wood is a natural material and varies in character, colour and texture and with age, your Pierre Cronje solid wood floor will enhance in appearance. Every hand-finished floor follows a timeous manufacturing and installation process and the floor will last for many decades.


The structural integrity of all Pierre Cronje installations carries a life time guarantee and every installation receives a reference number on completion.  Pierre’s signature is imprinted on a designated floorboard, so as to ensure the authentic origin of your purchase.  Download the brochure.




Our high quality, hand-crafted custom architectural fittings and full-scope project management capabilities – from design to installation – has attracted many clients who understand the value of our product offering and its unequivocal quality. This distinction, combined with exceptional after-sales service and continuous relationship management, has attracted prestigious clients such as Rupert & Rothschild, Vergelegen, Delaire Graff , Luminance and the Cape Grace Hotel.


We are frequently commissioned for commercial and residential properties, golf estates, game reserves and more.  We encourage you to discuss your next comprehensive project with your nearest sales and project consultant.

Ovalback armchair with custom yellowwood coffee table
Detailing of custom yellowwood coffee table
Parsons Desk in French Oak with Karoo Chair
Detailing of Parsons Desk
Parsons desk with drawers in French Oak

Clients often want perfection, but art cannot be perfect and perfection isn’t art. Between the two there is a place of natural beauty.

Nordic Console with Ventilated Base


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